Cape Cod Real Estate Property Photography

Real estate photography and videography should be the first thing on your mind if your goal is to sell or rent your Cape Cod, Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts house, apartment, condo quickly or advertise your resort/hotel. An image may be worth 1,000 words, but in the world of real estate, it’s also worth thousands of dollars. What better way to see your property than viewing from the sky via a drone photography shot!

Cape Cod Drone photography

Help Clients Manage Their Stress

A professional Cape Cod real estate photographer & videographer can help you help your clients with stress management. Look no further than the reasons most people get ready to sell a home for proof.

They’re moving in or traveling with a spouse or significant other. They’re expanding their space for children or sick relatives. They’re getting divorced, downsizing, upsizing. 

The list goes on. The longer their house stays on the market, the more stressed-out they’re going to be. And they’re going to have way too much on their plate to focus on those incidentals like photography and videography for your Cape Cod property, even though the incidentals can make an enormous difference.

When you take care of this for them, the stress melts away. And it contributes to the quick and profitable sale of the home.

And Ease Your Stress Load As Well

The client’s stress isn’t all that matters here. You may have several clients you’re dealing with, closings to attend to, business tasks. It can be a burden on you, too.

Investing in real estate photography can help unload all that by giving you one less thing to worry about. It can also get a lot of the work off your plate when the offers start rolling in.

Sell the Lifestyle Image to That Next Buyer or Renter

You look at real estate photos for one reason, in particular. You want to find the home of your dreams that also fits realistically within your budget. All of this adds up to lifestyle image.

You’re trying to envision the life you’ll have inside of the home. But it’s hard to dream big when you’re looking at a poor-looking picture. Investing in real estate property photography keeps a potential buyer from scrolling past your listing. 

It causes him to slow down, explore the rooms and the amenities. It allows him to envision what lazy Fridays and Saturdays will be like around the house. Give him the best possible visual you can. 

Because of People Judging Books by Their Covers

A solid real estate property image and video cause one to take note. A poor one is forgotten in less than a second. With each glance, your target audience is making a snap judgment about the entire property.

That may not seem fair but it’s a reality and we all do it. We do it every time we pick up a book in a bookstore, examine the cover, glance at the jacket copy, and put it back on the shelf.

We haven’t given that book nearly the time it deserves for us to make an informative decision. But we’ve developed a shorthand we can trust to guide our tastes to the proper picks. That’s what a real estate image does as well. Imagine looking at a property photo from someone’s iphone OR you can see a stunning drone photography shot covering the entire property.

Get More Money from the Listing

Photography & Videography for real estate and properties in Cape Cod, Massachusetts also helps you get higher offers from the people who are submitting. A high-quality picture or video communicates a sense of quality in how the house is built, what its standing is to the surrounding area, and whether the home will appreciate quickly. 

Cape Cod Real Estate photographer

So What Makes a Photo Professional?

To put it simply, the person behind the camera. Here are some elements your real estate photographer should have in place.

1. Camera Equipment

The top camera equipment. At the bare minimum, you’ll need a DSLR or mirrorless camera, with a lens minimum anywhere from 16-24 mm. Other useful equipment includes a gimbal for balance and various lenses to snap indoor and outdoor photos at varying lengths without losing resolution.

2. Taking Multiple Photos

Snap from more than one angle and take multiple pics from each angle. This can help you extract a usable photo even if one element is off a time or two between frames.

3. Reviewing the Materials with Your Input

Great real estate photographers bring you into the process. They explain what they’re doing. And they make sure that their pictures align with your goals and objectives.

4. Attention to Background Detail

You’ll want a photographer who pays as much attention to background images as he does the primary subject. Make sure nothing is embarrassing or out-of-place in the photograph and that colors and light are as flattering on each room as possible.

5. Literacy in the Technical Specifications

Amateur photographers believe they’re good if they just pull out a phone and snap a few pics, then upload. But great real estate photographs require more. 

You’ll want a photographer who understands image sizes and takes pics with both the online listing and a magazine advertisement in mind. That requires different resolutions, so get someone well-versed enough to understand that. 


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